September 15th (Conference Day I)

Location: Karlshochschule International University


You can download the schedule here.

08:00Registration and Welcome
09:00Introductory Speech
Prof. Dr. Michael Zerr, Prof. Dr. Louise Bielzer, Prof. Dr. Stephan Sonnenburg
 Session 1 - Room 302 Session 2 - Room 303Session 3 - Room 307
09:30Thorsten Kadel
Integrating Communication. Bringing Place Identities to Life
Andreas Rumpfhuber, Ph.D.,
Michael Klein

Public Housing as City Branding - The Case of Viennaʼs Public Housing Model: a Creative Mode of City Branding
in Times of Scarcity
Stefanie Leontiadis
Defining a Methodological Syntax for the Architectural Interventions in Historically Significant Public Open Urban Spaces
10:15Kathrin Cook
Designing effective store concepts
Dr. Melodena S. Balakrishnan
Place Branding Strategy: Understanding the Complexities of Brand Architecture
Dr. Reeman Rehan,
Dr. Mohammad Refaat Abd-Elaal

Branding Urban Spaces in Egypt – The Effect of Political Events in Branding Urban Space of “El Tahrir Square”
 Coffee Break
11:15Hartwig Schönhart
Shopfitting belongs to yesterday – brand architecture is what matters today
Maryam Alirezaei,
Aida Esmaeilzadeh Seilabi

Designing branded lands to improve place image: The case of Tehran Iranian International Park
Prof. Steven Miles, PhD
"Branded space; branded consumers”: spaces for consumption and the uncomfortable consequences of complicit communality
12:00Prof. Yang Liu
Branded Cultures
Seven Yücel,
Hikmet Eldek

Local Implementations of Branded Spaces İstiklal Street, İstanbul case
Florin-Alexandru Mureşanu, PhD,
Monica-Gabriela Mureşanu

Cannibal Architecture hates BANANA’s – Postcommunist rebranding of historical sites
13:45Dr. Erica Liu
Applying Theory of Branding Synergy on Consumer Experience and Spatial Design, a Case Study
Stefan Niemeyer
Reality follows Virtuality - From the particular nature of real spaces to virtual spaces
Jan Specht
Archibrand: From non-place architecture to destination symbol
14:30Prof. Dr. Antti Vihinen
A Guggenheim in Every City?
Prof. Dr. Markus F. Peschl,
Thomas Fundneider

Branding and designing spaces as enabling radical innovation and knowledge creation
Cathrin Loose
The Spatialization of Brands
 Coffee Break
15:30Marc Schüling
The seven rules of Brand Experience Architecture – Case Study: World of TUI, Berlin
Gerhard Mahnken
Place Identity and communicative paths in Germany
Prof. Dr. Thomas Bezold
Naming rights for sports stadiums – sponsor of stadiums versus team: Who makes the proper brand?
16:15Dr. Sonja Kastner
Heimatklänge – The conceptual design of branded spaces by means of sonic branding
Prof. Dr. Werner Gronau
Branding in the context of tourism destinations – Destination image, Destination marketing. Destination branding – Do we know what we are talking about?
Prof. Dr. Bernd Ankenbrand
Brand Value of Real Estate – the contribution of brand value to property value
 Coffee Break
17:30Tateo Nakajima
Artec Family of Halls: a study in branding of spaces
18:15Garyfalia Palaiologou
The Branded Experience: Decoding the Spatial Configuration of Flagship Stores
Dr. Sebastian Zenker
Place Brand Management: Increasing Place Brand Complexity and Resident-City Identification
Dr. Christoph Engl
Destinations Can Be Brands, Too
19:00Concluding remarks