Scientific localization

The conference Branded Spaces focused on the research areas “space” and “staging” and examined the issue “brand & space” from different perspectives of science and practice. The discussion focused on the following central question: What are the effects of real and virtual space as well as space as a place of brand staging on the employees and other stakeholders on the one hand, and on the organisational “decision-making and programme spaces” as well as on space-related self-description, self-symbolisation and self-mystification on the other hand?

Logo 3-D Allianz
The conference followed on from projects of the “3D Alliance” , a cooperation of Karlsruhe universities

The 3D Alliance is a key element of the cooperative and interdisciplinary research of Faculty II.
Apart from the scientific localization, the international orientation of the university was another reason for holding the conference on this internationally relevant topic at Karlshochschule.